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Full Custom Steering Wheel for BMW G Series

Full Custom Steering Wheel for BMW G Series

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0% Financing with Affirm

7 Day Easy Returns

Fitment Guarantee

Transform your BMW G Series vehicle's interior with our Full Custom Steering Wheel. Meticulously crafted and customizable, this steering wheel allows you to tailor every detail to your liking.

Please select options carefully, select YES in the "I am upgrading from a regular wheel" if your current wheel is Not M-Sport or Not M-Style as extra components and buttons are required for this upgrade.

OEM airbags and side buttons are transferrable to the new steering wheel, on M-Sport / M car steering wheels only.

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Product Highlights:

Custom Wheel Shape: Choose a wheel shape that matches your driving preferences, whether you prefer sporty handling or ergonomic comfort.

Carbon Fiber Texture: Elevate your interior aesthetics with a selection of carbon fiber textures.

Leather Material: Enjoy a luxurious and comfortable grip with our premium leather materials.

Sewing Thread: Personalize your steering wheel's stitching to complement your interior style.

LED Display Strip: Stay informed and stylish with an integrated LED display strip.

Airbag Cover: Ensure safety without compromising style by selecting an airbag cover that matches your chosen materials.

Customized Buttons: Tailor the buttons on your steering wheel for seamless control.

Detailed Product Description:

Enhance the interior of your BMW G Series vehicle with our Full Custom Steering Wheel. We understand the importance of personalization, and that's why we offer a range of customization options to create a steering wheel that's uniquely yours.

Start by choosing the wheel shape that suits your driving style and comfort preferences. Whether you favor a sportier design for dynamic handling or a more ergonomic shape for long journeys, we have options to meet your needs. Elevate your interior aesthetics with various carbon fiber textures, adding a touch of sophistication to your steering wheel.

Our premium leather materials provide a luxurious and tactile grip, ensuring your comfort on every drive. Personalize the stitching with a selection of sewing thread colors to match your interior style. Stay connected and informed with the integrated LED display strip, and opt for an airbag cover that seamlessly blends with your chosen materials.

You can also tailor the buttons on your steering wheel for easy and intuitive control of your BMW's features. With our Full Custom Steering Wheel, you not only enhance your driving experience but also make a unique statement in your BMW's interior.


Compatible with BMW G Series vehicles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James RR.
Feels magic to drive

A true game-changer in car interiors. This steering wheel adds elegance and high-tech functionality.

Hayden R.
Amazing design

Exquisite craftsmanship! Elevates driving experience with its luxurious feel and custom design.


Is Carbon Velocity trustworthy and reliable?

Carbon Velocity prides itself on offering high-quality carbon fiber modifications for BMWs.

We ensure premium craftsmanship, precise fitment, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our products come with a fitment guarantee and are crafted from high-grade materials sourced from the best reputable suppliers.

Where Is Carbon Velocity Located?

Carbon Velocity is based in Brighton, Colorado, USA​

Where Are Carbon Velocity Products Made?

Most of the products are manufactured in our facility in Tokyo, Japan and then imported to our warehouse in Colorado and California. 10% of our products are sourced from Taiwan.

Can I Install Carbon Velocity Products at Home?

It is recommended to get products installed from a professional technician /mechanic to ensure perfect fitment. Installing the products yourself also voids the 7 day return warranty.

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