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BMW Wireless Carplay and Android Auto Box with 360 view, navigation, mirroring

BMW Wireless Carplay and Android Auto Box with 360 view, navigation, mirroring

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Fitment Guarantee

Upgrade your BMW multimedia system to the latest Android Auto and Apple Carplay capabilities with our Wireless Carplay and Android Auto Box. Transform your car's infotainment experience and stay connected on the road like never before.

Product Highlights:
  • Dual System Compatibility: Harness the power of both Linux and your BMW's original system, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Connect your Android or Apple device wirelessly, eliminating the hassle of cables.
  • Screen Mirroring: Mirror your smartphone's screen for a more interactive and engaging drive.
  • Multimedia Bliss: Enjoy your favorite audio and video content on your car's infotainment system.
  • Enhanced Safety: Access AHD Front, Reverse, and 360-degree camera views for confident and safe parking.
  • Effortless Navigation: Seamlessly navigate to your destinations with GPS and map guidance.

Product Description:

Upgrade your BMW's in-car technology with our Wireless Carplay and Android Auto Box. This innovative accessory brings cutting-edge connectivity to your vehicle, enhancing every aspect of your driving experience.

With dual system compatibility, you'll have the Linux system and your BMW's original system working in harmony. Wirelessly connect your Android or Apple device to access Carplay and Android Auto features, making it easier than ever to stay connected on the road. Screen mirroring allows you to display your smartphone's screen directly on your car's display, opening up a world of possibilities.

Enjoy your favorite audio and video content through the car's infotainment system, providing entertainment for long journeys. The Wireless Carplay and Android Auto Box also offer advanced camera views, including AHD Front, Reverse, and 360-degree perspectives, ensuring safe and precise parking.

Navigation becomes a breeze with GPS and map guidance, helping you reach your destinations without stress. Stay ahead with this exceptional addition to your BMW.

  • Ensure that your BMW's original car system is compatible before installation.
  • Your Android phone should be running Android 11 or above and support 5G Wi-Fi connectivity for optimal performance.
  • Please note that there may be compatibility issues with the latest Samsung smartphones, such as the S22 and S23, when connecting to Android Auto.
  • Elevate your BMW's capabilities with our Wireless Carplay and Android Auto Box and enjoy a more connected, entertaining, and safer driving experience.
System Selection & Fitment
Applicable models System Year
BMW 3 CCC 2005-2008
BMW 5 CCC 2005-2008
BMW X5 CCC 2005-2008
BMW X6 CCC 2005-2008
BMW 3 CIC 2009-2012
BMW 5 AL-8233 CIC 2009-2010
BMW 5 E60 CIC 2005-2010
BMW 5 F10/F11 CIC 2011-2012
BMW 5 F07 GT CIC 2011-2012
BMW 7 F01 F02 CIC 2009-2012
BMW X1  E84 CIC 2009-2015
BMW X3 F25 CIC 2011-2013
BMW X4 F26 CIC 2011-2013
BMW X5 E70 CIC 2011-2013
BMW 6 CIC CIC 2011-2013
BMW X6 E71 CIC 2011-2014
BMW 1 F20/F21 NBT 2011-2017
BMW 2 F23 Cabrio NBT 2013-2016
BMW 3 F30/F31/F34/F35 NBT 2013-2016
BMW 4 F32/F33/F36 NBT 2013-2016
BMW 5 F10/F11 NBT 2013-2016
BMW 5 F07 GT NBT 2013-2017
BMW 7 F01 F02 NBT 2013-2015
BMW X1 F48 NBT 2016-2017
BMW X3 F25 NBT 2014-2016
BMW X4 F26 NBT 2014-2016
BMW X5 F15 NBT 2014-2016
BMW i3 NBT 2014-2017
BMW i8 NBT 2014-2018
BMW 1 EVO 2018-2021
BMW 2 EVO 2018-2021
BMW 3 EVO 2018-2021
BMW 5 EVO 2018-2021
BMW 7 EVO 2016-2021
BMW X1 EVO 2019-2021
BMW X3 EVO 2018-2021
BMW X4 EVO 2016-2021
BMW X5 EVO 2017-2021
BMW i3 EVO 2017-2021
BMW i8 EVO 2018-2021
BMW MINI CCC 2007-2010
BMW MINI CIC 2011-2014
BMW MINI NBT 2015-2018
BMW MINI EVO 2019-2021


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alex T.
Navigation is a breeze

Absolutely love the seamless integration of CarPlay in my BMW.

Cery R.

Transformed my driving experience with Android Auto. The 360-view is incredibly helpful.


Is Carbon Velocity trustworthy and reliable?

Carbon Velocity prides itself on offering high-quality carbon fiber modifications for BMWs.

We ensure premium craftsmanship, precise fitment, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our products come with a fitment guarantee and are crafted from high-grade materials sourced from the best reputable suppliers.

Where Is Carbon Velocity Located?

Carbon Velocity is based in Brighton, Colorado, USA​

Where Are Carbon Velocity Products Made?

Most of the products are manufactured in our facility in Tokyo, Japan and then imported to our warehouse in Colorado and California. 10% of our products are sourced from Taiwan.

Can I Install Carbon Velocity Products at Home?

It is recommended to get products installed from a professional technician /mechanic to ensure perfect fitment. Installing the products yourself also voids the 7 day return warranty.

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